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Committed to your success: 

Thirty years ago, our founder met with a potential client and witnessed the stress they were under dealing with a multitude of vendors in order to effectively manage their property. He came to the conclusion that if we were actually going to be able to serve our clients to the fullest, we would need to provide a considerably broader array of services than just janitorial.
Integrity Construction Maintenance, Inc. is the only janitorial service provider that holds a valid California General Contractors license. For over 25 years, Integrity has provided comprehensive construction, maintenance and janitorial services to a diverse group of clients, bringing the highest level of professional standards to every aspect of our work.

Excellence, nothing less.
Integrity knows how important your company image is and how it can affect your success.  We believe it takes more than experience to keep your facility looking crisp and professional.  It takes a trained eye, artistic talent and vision.  Because of our construction background and unique suite of services under one roof, we can bring a broader perspective and understanding to your facility's challenges which results in more cost-effective and time-efficient solutions.  Integrity looks beyond the actual task to create the desired result.

To Serve: 
Integrity values your time and trust.  Building relationships and doing whatever it takes to serve your best interest is our core mission.
We at Integrity are constantly and aggressively seeking new ways to serve our clients.  We have proprietary building management systems ready to be custom built for your property.  While the list of practical advantages to choosing Integrity is substantial, the ultimate difference maker is that our heart's desire is to truly serve all those who entrust to us their building maintenance and their reputation as property managers, landlords, and building owners.